Exploring the Functional Wellness Approach

Is There One Best Type of Practitioner?


How do you choose the right practitioner?  A common misconception I see is believing that all modalities are interchangeable.  A more prudent approach is recognizing that various medical models have different strengths and weaknesses and to not let bias prevent you from benefiting from the best that each has to offer.


As an example, firefighters and building contractors are both tasked with protecting your home but in completely different ways.  While your house is on fire, a contractor is useless.  Likewise, in the weeks and months following a house fire, if the fire department continued to show up and hose your house down for fire prevention, you would now have a mold problem.  Contractors are not helpful during a fire but can help you prevent the fire and rebuild after the fire. 


There is a time for crisis care and there is a time for rebuilding and they require different tools at different times.  Go to the practitioner that has the approach you need at the time.


Different Health Approaches


Conventional Medicine

  • Disease & diagnosis oriented
  • Expert/Doctor centered model
  • Specialized
  • Symptom suppression with drugs, radiation & surgery
  • early detection (means you already have the disease)
  • Ideal for acute care/emergency

Alternative Medicine

  • Approach is similar to conventional but relies on herbs and botanical medicine in place of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Mixture of both disease and health oriented
  • Symptom suppression with herbs/natural substances



  • Health oriented
  • Patient/client centered-collaborative
  • holistic-whole person
  • Personalized
  • Supports function to alleviate symptoms
  • Prevention/chronic care

How would different models approach your anxiety or depression?


Conventional Medicine

Diagnosis is typically made by symptom clusters.

Psychotropic drugs are prescribed.  Examples are Prozac or Xanax.

Referral to a therapist.


Alternative Medicine

Diagnosis is made by symptom clusters.

Natural Medicines are recommended.

Examples are St. Johns Wort or Valerian root.



Comprehensive review of history and body systems. 

Support deficiencies or compromised systems to restore function.

Example-Correct Vitamin D deficiency or restore gut health.


If you are seeking a functional approach, reach out for your complimentary call today!

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