Let's get acquainted

    At Underwood Functional Wellness in Luray, VA, we provide a 20 minute complementary session as a brief "getting acquainted" call. This allows me to get an overview of your needs, fill you in on my approach, and determine together if functional wellness is a good fit for you.


    This is the information gathering session and lab recommendations.

    In this 60-90 minute discovery session, I gather as much information as I can through comprehensive health, diet, lifestyle, medication/supplement history, intake forms, labs, and open dialogue.


     I do ask for a lot of information and do our due diligence, so I can make the most informed recommendations possible, customized for you and your goals. 


    Functional lab testing can be quite expensive and many practitioners want to order a slew of testing right off the bat which is often unnecessary, especially if the results do not alter the recommendations.  At Underwood Functional Wellness, I prefer a targeted approach and rely on a thorough intake to guide my lab test recommendations, if any, in order to avoid excessive  testing and expense.



    Report of findings & recommendations

    A lot of information is acquired from the discovery session and labs.  From this information, patterns are revealed from seemingly unrelated signs & symptoms, that point us towards systems needing support.  In the results review, I will go over these findings, explain how they can impact your mental health, and share a customized plan to get back on track.

    In a nutshell, the process at Underwood Functional Wellness includes:

    • REMOVE,REDUCE OR MITIGATE what is causing harm
    • RESTORE what is missing
    • REPAIR what is damaged

    Evaluate progress & course correct as needed.

    Re-evaluation is an important assessment of your progress.   We determine if you need minimal support moving forward or if we need to course correct based on follow-up evaluation.


I started my healthcare career as an EMT and after college, worked several years in the clinical laboratory. 


Like many who work in the helping professions, shiftwork, staffing issues, and adrenaline surges led to burnout and eventually, depression ,fatigue and unrelenting migraines.

Conventional medicine offered medication which I did try for the migraines but I was really seeking resolution.  

Through my own investigation, I discovered

  • severely low vitamin D was at the root of my depression (nightshifter!),
  • 40 years of migraines disappeared by removing gluten
  • genetic mutations meant I needed certain forms of B vitamins.  Bye bye fatigue.

This started my fascination with what other depletions and burdens impact mental wellness so I returned to school and completed my graduate degree in Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine.


As a former EMT and coming from a family of Veterans, I have a soft spot for my fellow helpers!

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